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Tue, 25th April 2023

Chaps 2023 Saxon Hall

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Thu, 6th April 2023

Craft Toast list 6.4.23

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Sat, 25th February 2023

Chaps 2023

The CHAPS event for Saxon Hall on Tuesday 25th April is now open for bookings online via the link CHAPS - Events

Below is a screenshot for the events page and you will see there are two links;


  1. CHAPS – Southend Essex masons FREE PSA Testing event – this is for Essex Masons which is free and the password is southend ( all lower case )   
  2. CHAPS – Southend Essex Masons PSA Testing event – general public which is for all non-masons and is charged at £30.00 per test and is payable at time of booking



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Thu, 23rd February 2023

CHAPS Free Men's Health Checks

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Mon, 9th January 2023

Craft Toast list 9.1.23

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Sat, 31st December 2022

Happy New Year 2023


Wishing all our Brethren & Visitors a Very Happy New Year "2023"


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Sun, 11th December 2022

Cost of Living Update

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Sun, 11th December 2022

CHAPS 2023

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