Victory Marine No 6160

The Victory Marine Lodge was consecrated on 31st October 1945 at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street.  It was founded by Freemasons who were associated with the sea generally and the port of Tilbury in particular.  They wanted to name the Lodge ‘The Tilbury Lodge’ but were unable to do so because a Tilbury Lodge was already in existence.  It naturally followed that as it was the year celebrating the victory of the Second World War and the founders being mariners, the name ‘Victory Marine’ was born.  

The victory was at great cost in lives and ships, and the last thing the mariners saw when leaving home was Tilbury Fort.  It was also the first thing that the survivors would see on their return to Tilbury Docks.  Consequently, Tilbury Fort is included in the emblem on the Past Master’s Jewel and is also depicted on every Lodge summons.  The ships that travelled the world are included, one of which is on the emblem with the world as its background.  Finally, from the deep of the sea, a hand of friendship grasps the ‘Laurel Leaves of Victory’ to remember those who did not return from the conflict and whose bodies are spread over the four quarters of the globe.  So Victory Marine Lodge was founded. 

May it last from generation to generation and as the emblem implies may we live in peace, friendship and without fear.

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